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Personal Journeys
Africa is a destination where outer experience and inner journey come together in profound ways.  The African Living Spa ® at Gibb’s Farm, Tanzania provides an intimate, authentic connection between inner and outer environment. It is perhaps Africa’s only integrated medical clinic grounding traditional wellness systems with science. It is a harmonious bridge between
the traveler, the place, the people and surrounding natural habitat.  Personal Journeys, the African Living Spa, embraces this concept of taking a safari into both the outer environment and into one’s inner environment at the same time, guided by highly-experienced healers.

Personal Journeys begin when a traveller makes contact with the consultants at Gibb’s Farm, the dream-like organic farm, stunning cottages and gardens that becomes home base for the bespoke itinerary into the world famous wildlife areas, traditional villages and healing landscapes that bless the Tanzanian bush.  A pre-departure personal consultation is arranged telephonically with Dr. Pergola and information is gathered about personal health and wellness concerns.  Dr. Pergola then works with the team of healers to develop the ideal program for you that may include gathering and using plant medicines; a visit to a spirit healer; ‘off-the-beaten-path’ adventures into a chosen Maasai village to consider lifestyle or cultural approaches for reflection or into national parks and wildlife areas to be safely close with elephants, lions, giraffes and other animals that share their peaceful and powerful energies.


Dr Pergola conferring with

Traditional Healer Lesikar of the

Osero Forest Clinic, African Living Spa.

For over a decade, Dr. Pergola, a trained Social Psychologist, has been apprenticing with Maasai healers and collaborating with elder sages to create one of a kind journeys for visitors to Tanzania.  These journeys amplify indigenous healing practices in a way that works for modern wellness seekers.  In partnership with Maasai elder Lekoko Ole Sululu and the traditional healers at the African Living Spa at Gibb’s Farm in Karatu, Tanzania, these Personal Journeys now help heal the African traveller.

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