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There are two important ways 
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  Gibb’s Farm

A Respite from the  
Rigours of Safari 
on the Farm
Upon consultation healers perform massage in one’s spacious personal cottage or traditional dwelling deep in the farm’s forest reserve.  Safari travel is arduous.  The healer’s hands relives traveler fatigue as depicted in the video at right.

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 Shift Your Reality: 
Personal Path to Healing off the Farm

In addition to the medicine or therapies available to travelers through the African Living Spa of the Osero Forest Clinic on the Farm, the power of the environment surrounding the Farm is fully engaged. A variety of carefully designed bush retreats are available to those who visit. Retreats, or journeys, are used by Maasai people to regain inner balance and enhance medicinal therapies.  

One has the opportunity to address personal relationships and goals, or simply gain confidence with unique physical challenges that take place in several retreat formats that range from two to twelve days. There may be no better way to experience Africa’s alternative wellness systems than engaging in its mystery and beauty in such an intimate, authentic and soulful way. 

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  The Osero Forest Clinic, Garah for Life
The Osero Forest Clinic, Garah for Life - the heart of the African Living Spa, is an on-site health program that provides a unique integration of indigenous and conventional (western) medical care for Gibb’s Farm travelers, employees and families. 

Drawing from over 50 different plant-based medicines, a team of traditional healers continues to expand on a range of integrated remedies for travelers visiting the African Living Spa. This group is led by mulit-generation Maasai healer, Lesikar Ole Mepukori.  

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  Healing Hotels 
of the World
Holistic Health and Wellbeing is at the core of the brand Healing Hotels of the World (HHoW). Gibb’s Farm is HHoW’s newest member and part of the leading global collection of hotels, resorts and retreats offering holistic health and healing. The African Living Spa ® at Gibb’s Farm is the only African destination otherwise dominated by Asian, Western European and Pacific options.

The vision and mission of HHoW is an authority for true holistic health and wellbeing which can be accessed by seekers of ultimate wellbeing. It promotes, markets, and sells the unique wellbeing and healing features of resorts worldwide. 

Africa is a destination where outer experience and inner journey come together in profound ways. The African Living Spa at Gibb’s Farm, Tanzania, provides an intimate, authentic connection between inner and outer environment. It is one of Africa’s only integrated medical clinics accessible to visitors that grounds traditional wellness systems with science. It is a harmonious bridge between the traveler, the place, the people and surrounding natural habitat. As the newest member of the Healing Hotels of the World, the African Living Spa brings to the world wellness marketplace the concept of taking a safari into both the outer environment and into one’s inner environment at the same time.

Imagine traveling to a wellness center in the heart of East Africa, the cradle of humankind, and discovering a vibrant, healthy community deep in the lush forest. A welcoming historic farmhouse and gardens with little cottages tucked into the hillside of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This is the center from which personal healers embark on guiding travelers on life-changing healing journeys.

The bounty of a working organic farm unfolds on the slopes below. Gentle staff from the onsite clinic and spa visit with travelers in the gardens and cottages, thoughtfully designed for rejuvenation and relaxation.
“As we want to keep the collection of partners exclusive, the overall global membership is limited,” states Healing Hotels of the World co-founder Anne Biging.  HHoW Offices are located in Cologne, Sydney, and New York. Membership is by invitation only. Standards are exclusive to HHoW and guarantee maximum excellence in customer satisfaction.

It is an honour for the African Living Spa at Gibb's Farm to be the newest member of the Healing Hotels of the World.  We find ourselves in much revered company.

About Healing Hotels of the World
HHoW is an exclusive global partnership of up market hotels, resorts and retreats offering holistic health in luxury surroundings. The concept stems from the belief that human beings as a whole are a combination of body, mind and soul seeking harmonization. Properties selected to be HHoW partners feature a holistic spa and wellbeing concept and a range of healing qualities that effectively provide guests with improved health and lifestyle. Membership is by invitation only. “In today’s saturated material world, health is one of the most precious assets we have. Most people face a lot of stress in their everyday life and want to compensate for this by pursuing health and wellbeing in their free time”, says Anne Biging, referring to the idea behind HHoW. At the present time, Healing Hotels of the World represents 60 destinations.

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