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Since the founding of the Osero Forest Clinic traditional healers and physicians have been working together with an Oxford-trained biochemist, the University of Nairobi Medical School, and staff from the National Museum of Kenya Phytochemistry Department.  Through science, they have been able to identify the active ingredients in the medicinal plants used at the clinic.  This has
resulted in a scientific understanding of how these phyto-medicines produce the healing results we witness everyday. 

This collaboration has established for the first time an integrated wellness system that strengthens the bonds between all members of the indigenous wellness community clinic and the African Living Spa team while deepening the respect for both the ingredients and treatment procedures. 

It has also has given a firm scientific grounding to the phyto-medicines that raise their effects from anecdotal evidence to that of legitimate healing agents.  This will also prepares them to be integrated  into the knowledge and wellness systems to meet the health challenges of the 21st century. 

The Osero Forest Clinic is the first truly integrative medicine model in East Africa and unique in that it serves both visitors and local residents.  Health care for all Gibb’s Farm employees, both traditional and allopathic, are sponsored by Gibb’s Farm as they are clinically integrated through science.  The traveler accesses this knowledge and services through the African Living Spa.  The Osero Forest Clinic’s research team has validated many indigenous medicines and remains fascinated by the active ingredients in Maasai Indigenous Medicine that have been found to have the same make up as well-known Western pharmaceuticals. 

The Western world is just beginning to become aware of what we call “the harmony available through wholeness” by which we mean in the realm of healing the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.  This is why the Osero Forest Clinic and its African Living Spa consider the whole environment, including place and personnel, in which the medicine is received.  This is honored by:

  1. using plants sources such as leaves, flowers, roots or bark rather than extracts in the phyto-medicines;

  2. offering a variety of treatment environments customized to the individuals comfort in consultation with a personal healer;

  3. encouraging a strong personal connection with the healers, and;

  4. providing ample space and time to integrate the changes experienced on the journey to greater wellness.


The healers of the only integrated Medical Medicine Clinic of East Africa:

Osero Forest Clinic, African Living Spa.

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  Osero Clinic
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The Osero Forest Clinic

Core Competency

Development and provision of the first integrated medical services in Tanzania.

Center of excellence in the design, development and promotion of traditional medical services as complimentary to the modern (western) health care services.

Provide high quality alternative medicine with traditional healthcare services through the development of healers.

  1. Integrated medicine services are based on documented scientific evidence of compatible phyto and pharmaceutical materials and their use.

  2. Preservation of unique culture and tradition.

  3. Efficient delivery of quality traditional medical services.

  4. Improve the quality of life of the people.

  5. Ensure sustainability in traditional medicine materials.

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